SCOTT HANSELMAN: Ruby on Rails on Azure App Service (Web Sites) with Linux (and Ubuntu on Windows 10)

This is a great post from Scott. I’ve only recently become familiar with his writing and excellent podcast Hanselminutes but he does great work.

The Linux subsystem for Windows was the start of my process of actually looking at Windows as a suitable operating system to do software development on, and if getting a Rails environment set up on windows is as easy as Scott makes it look, then I am sold.

I am not particularly attached to any of the OS level features of macOS, especially since rediscovering how good VS Code is. My recent push towards moving all my data to cloud services has made me more platform agnostic than ever (why hello Samsung Galaxy S8), but what I would really miss if I moved to Windows is the command line. Unix, and by extension Linux I guess, makes it so easy to do software development, that I was considering a dual setup of Windows for gaming and then a flavor of Linux for development.

Anyway, that is all probably best saved for another post. My point is, if you are a web developer who is annoyed at the slow progression of the Mac operating system and hardware, take a look at Scott’s post.